5 Teens Save Deputy From Attack And Get Medal Of Heroism

There are plenty of dangerous jobs out there but I think most would agree that being a cop is at the top of the list. After all, they may start out their day not really expecting much to happen but in the flash of an eye, they can be in the middle of a dangerous situation and it could end very badly. If one of those dangerous situations does come up, it is the duty of the police officer to go in and take care of any rescue that may need done. Every once in awhile, however, the tables are turned and we hear about a cop that needs to be rescued.

Deputy Elliott of King County Sheriff’s Office in Washington is a cop who found herself in just such a situation. It was on July 18 and her shift had ended but as she was on her way home in the patrol car, some people stopped her at the scene of a multiple-vehicle accident. Things were fairly routine until she heard about the drunk man who caused the crash and he was trying to run away. Elliott ran after him to stop him but he overpowered her and started choking her. As they struggled, some teenagers started to run over in her direction yelling and they pulled the man off of her. She was then able to get handcuffs on him and to give the kids a hug.

Sheriff Mitzi Johanknect and Auburn Police Chief Daniel O’Neil later did what was just right for the situation. They recognized the bravery of those teens and give them a Medal of Heroism award.

“We cannot thank these five young men enough for coming to Deputy Elliott’s rescue. They quite possibly saved her life,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Moms and Dads, you should be proud of these kids!”

Sometimes, heroes come from unexpected places and this is a perfect example.