66-Yr-Old New Mother Raises Child; This Is Her 17-Years Later

All of us must make decisions in life and at times, those decisions can affect more than us personally. They may affect others, either on a small scale or perhaps even on a grand scale.

Nobody knows this better than Adriana Iliescu. In 2005, she set a world record for becoming a mother. The record was that she was the oldest woman to become a mother because she was 66 years old at the time.

She had been wanting to get pregnant for quite some time and now that her daughter, Eliza was here, she was overjoyed. After that occurrence and a lot of backlash that occurred from others, many years have passed.

Now that Eliza is 17 years old, some new pictures have surfaced and they really tell the tale. In fact, many people are noticing the pictures and remembering what they thought back in 2005.

Of course, when you have a child, it is one of those special moments that you are not likely to ever forget. As they grow, there will be many memories that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

Eliza provided many of those memories for her mother when she was born in Romania in 2005. Of course, the fact that she earned her position in the Guinness Book of World Records also provided something to remember as well.

Five years after the birth, she began to talk about motherhood and how many people had been critical about her decision to have a child at an older age. Many people were saying that she was not only older, she was being selfish.

In her estimation, however, the mirror is what is truly unkind to a woman. She says that she feels like 27 years old most of the time and when she is a little tired, she feels like she is 37. She claims to be healthier than most women half her age.

She also mentions that she didn’t have Eliza so she would look younger. She said that she ‘never feels my years’. I think that many of us can appreciate that statement.

Adriana had lost a child because of medical reasons when she was a young woman and her husband abandoned her when she was 24 years old. After that time, she started teaching at a university in Romania and didn’t give much thought to having children.

Eliza changed things when she was born, thanks to IVF, and donated sperm and eggs. A Romanian fertility expert, who perhaps just wanted to make it into the medical history books decided to take on her case.

Now that Eliza has grown up to be a young woman, Adriana decided to move forward with her plans to have her daughter baptized. Many religious organizations refused, even going so far as calling her ‘the product of dark force.’

Now that 17 years have passed, Eliza and her mother are having a great time together. Many people feel as if she is the grandmother, but that is understandable. Adriana is now 83 years old and she continues to work on her writing, producing children’s books.

Adriana would like to keep her family life as private as possible but there are going to be those who have questions about the situation. In the end, it seems as if both mother and daughter happy and that is really what matters in life.