Can You Find The One Letter That Doesn’t Belong On This Screen? It’s Hard To Do!

There is something interesting that is happening 24 hours a day, provided we have our eyes open. It is the fact that we are taking in information through our eyes and it is being transferred to the brain. This isn’t something that we should just take for granted, the majority of what we perceive comes in through the things that we see and it takes place so quickly that it is even faster than the blink of an eye. Of course, just because we see things and learn from it does not necessarily mean that we can always trust everything their eyes are telling to us. In fact, there are some things that the eyes may trick you with.

When you are looking at a lot of letters, it can get rather monotonous. One thing after another is certain to lull you into at least a little bit of boredom but this little quiz is going to do it and keep you interested at the same time. Don’t worry, it’s not some type of crazy IQ test that is going to put you through a lot of different steps in order to find out how smart you are, it’s just something simple that you can do and have a little bit of fun with at the same time. Quite simply, you look at the letters that are on the screen and you try to find something that is out of place. It may seem as if everything is perfectly the same at first, but don’t give up, there is something that will eventually catch your eye.

It takes such a small amount of time to send something from your eyeball to the brain that it astounds even scientists that are studying it. Why not put that to the test in your case with this unique quiz? You may just find out that you have the eyes of a genius!