Dad Rapes His Underage Daughters And No Jail Time Is Given

We sometimes hear stories about pedophiles who do the most horrible thing imaginable. It can really make our blood boil, even if we are aware of all of the details. When they are caught, the public outcry is significant and we want nothing more than for them to be punished for their crime. For one particular 49-year-old pedophile named Stephen Wells, however, that punishment is not going to happen. Even though he raped his two underaged adopted daughters, including one with a disability, he will not be going to jail. It makes you wonder how something like this could happen.

Wells was able to get away without going to jail but he did get a six-year suspended sentence. He will also be on probation for four years and as a result of his punishment from the court, he will not be able to have any contact with his adopted daughters at any point in the future. This outrageous sentence came after he admitted to multiple counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. Because he admitted to some of the crimes and pleaded guilty, some of the other crimes were dropped, and that included child molestation.

The older child talked to a counselor in 2016 about the abuse. A handwritten note was handed to the counselor that outlined some of the abuse that she was going through. It seems as if she was going through it for years because she didn’t want her dad to go to jail. The girl said: “I was going to hide it for my whole life and say nothing because I don’t want to see my dad go to prison. I told today because I am at my breaking point. I had to tell someone. I can’t hold everything in; I’m in pain. I have wanted to tell someone for a very long time, but I did not know how. ”

Because of the way that the case was structured and due to the pleas of the daughter, he will not be serving jail time. Instead, he gets off with a slap on the wrist for a crime that should never happen to anyone.