Ed Sheeran Honors Christina Aguilera With An Amazing Cover Of Her ‘dirrty’ Song

Even though there are many performers who have an amazing ability to sing and entertain, I think that Ed Sheeran is near the top of the heap. After all, he is more than just somebody who sings a song, he can play the guitar and he mixes the music as he goes along. It’s not just a matter of him singing for us, he absolutely entertains us with all that he does. Perhaps that is why millions of people around the world love Ed Sheeran and all of the music that he performs. It includes music that may be his own, as well as music that may be from someone else.

In the video that you see below, Ed Sheeran is in the Live Lounge and he is performing the song that was originally done by Christina Aguilera. The song is going to be familiar to most of you, it is ‘Dirty’ and he really does a great job of entertaining us with this cover. Of course, most people would readily admit that there is never going to be anyone who can do it quite like Christina Aguilera, but I have to say that Ed Sheeran does a great job of hitting the highlights. In fact, some people might even argue that his version is just a little bit better, although that is certainly up for debate.

Both Ed Shearon and Christina Aguilera are known for their pop music performances. They each bring something unique to the stage or studio when they sing any song, regardless of whose it happens to be. This is one of those songs that is obviously a lot of fun to sing and you can see it on the faces of the backup singers.

We look forward to any music that comes out of the studio from Ed Sheeran and if he is touring, we do our best to try to see him in concert. There is one thing that we know about Ed Sheeran, and that’s the fact that he doesn’t disappoint. It’s easy to see when you watch the following video.