Food Delivery Goes Wrong When The Driver Complains About The Tip

We live in a world that offers many conveniences that weren’t available just a few years ago. These are more than just conveniences in some cases, they are also a way of life now that the pandemic is here.

One of the conveniences is the possibility of food delivery. There are a variety of services that offer delivery of food and some of us just take it for granted.

We may not stop to think about the individual who is delivering the food to our home and all that they may go through in order to get it to us. Of course, we do what we can to leave them a good tip and to make them happy and satisfied, but there are times when that is just impossible to do.

If you have any doubt as to whether a food delivery can go wrong, then you need to see the conversation that was captured on a Ring doorbell. It took place when somebody ordered food and the DoorDash delivery driver was not very happy with the tip.

Things didn’t start out well when she rang the doorbell and the altercation was inevitable. At first, the driver wanted to see the customer face-to-face but he continued to ask her why and eventually, she spoke up.

It seems as if she had been given an $8 tip and she wasn’t very happy with it. I’ll be the first one to admit that eight dollars is a substantial tip for a single meal, but there are times when I have given more to a driver because I appreciate what they have done.

Her complaint was that she had come a long distance in order to deliver food and she didn’t think that he knew it was a 40-minute drive. He came back saying that it was less than that, but she continued to insist that she had just driven it. By this point, it was obvious that things were not going to go well.

You could tell that the customer was a little surprised with the direction the conversation was going. He even asked her why she took the job and she said that they don’t know where the job is to until they accept it.

She was asking him to make things right but he came back letting her know that he had given an eight dollar tip and wondered what she was looking for.

That is when she did something unexpected. She took the food, picked it up from off his porch, and walked down the driveway to her car. We don’t know how things ended ultimately, but it’s an interesting conversation through the doorbell, to say the least.