Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad and His Identical Twin Brother To Pay Child Support

A deadbeat dad and his identical twin brother are in the soup after one of the men tries to dodge his financial responsibilities to his 9-year-old daughter. The pair of twins were both ordered to pay up child support. It seems both men attempted to deceive the court, claiming the other man was the girl’s father. And since their DNA is virtually identical, it would be challenging to prove which one was the girl’s father legally.

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However, their “clever” plan was quickly foiled when the judge decided to make both men pay! According to the Guardian, the brothers reside in a rural town in Brazil called Cachoeira Alta. The young girl’s mom isn’t named in the report. According to court statements, she explained how she met one of the brothers at a party where they shared mutual friends.


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At the time, the woman said she knew about the man’s twin brother, but she said she was never introduced to him. Court statements also accuse the twins, referred to under the names Fernando and Fraricio, who used their identical looks to take advantage of the woman by impersonating one another.

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This practice in the world of twins is known as “switching.” Not only is “switching” wrong from a moral perspective, but it could also result in criminal charges should the aggrieved party chose to pursue legal action. For example, if the woman had sex with both brothers, she could have both men charged with rape and conspiracy if it’s proven they knowingly switched places.

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It turns out the brothers had a goal of dating as many women as humanly possible while switching places throughout the relationships. One court document said:

Looking back, the woman said that she felt something wasn’t right the day they met. One of the brothers introduced himself as Fernando, but he drove a yellow motorbike that he claimed belonged to Fabricio. After she discovered her pregnancy, she decided to take both men to court in 2017. Once there, the woman demanded that both brothers take DNA tests to prove who’s the father. While the test results did confirm that one of the two men was her daughter’s biological father, it could not determine which one. And both men refused to confess. It turns out that twins share up to 99.9 percent of their DNA.

Now, the court did state there is a DNA test that might pinpoint which man is the girl’s father. However, the test is costly and might not meet the legal standards needed to prove paternity.

Today, the girl is nine years old, and her mom hasn’t given up. The woman pursues the truth and demands that her daughter’s birth father step up and claim responsibility. Fortunately, the judge decided that both men should be held accountable financially due to their horrendous behavior.

To drive his point home, the judge ordered both brothers to pay an amount that equals 30 percent of Brazil’s minimal monthly wage. This amount comes to about $76.88 in U.S. dollars (or £56.56 in British pounds).


The twins also have to split the girl’s medical and dental care costs plus her schooling expenses. But while the judge’s ruling represents a victory for the girl and her mom in court, they still don’t know which of the men is her biological father. The mother’s attorney told news outlets that the little girl has every right to know which man is her biological father.