Lady Gaga Puts On A Fantastic Piano Version Of “Poker Face”

There have been a lot of phenomenal performers that we have seen over the years but every once in a while, there is one that stands out as being above and beyond. That is what we feel when we watch Lady Gaga performing and any time that we have the opportunity to hear her sing. She isn’t just somebody that sings in the studio, altering her voice electronically. In fact, she has spoken out against autotune and says that she never does it in concert. When you hear her singing in concert, you have the opportunity to know that she is truly an amazing and talented individual.

In the video that you see below, Lady Gaga is playing one of her songs that is well known, ‘Poker Face’. It is an acoustic version of the song that will really show you the height and depth of her musical abilities. Of course, we can always count on Lady Gaga to do something a little bit out of the ordinary when it comes to the way that she dresses or some of her performance techniques. Even though this is a piano version of the song, she doesn’t disappoint with a hat that is a little out of the ordinary and some glasses that really look good on her.

Lady Gaga did what it takes in order to become famous. She worked hard and the hard work ended up paying off because now she is performing in front of audiences of thousands of people. Even when she is performing in front of a small studio audience, however, she still does the best job that she possibly can.

We will always appreciate what Lady Gaga is able to do and anytime we have the opportunity to hear her sing, we will take it. She has one of those amazing voices that makes you want to turn up the radio, and when you hear her performing live, you instantly know that she is one of the best.