Mom Arrested for Allowing 12-Year-Old to Become Pregnant by 24-Year-Old Man

An Oklahoma mother has been arrested for allowing her 12-year-old daughter to have a sexual relationship with a 24-year-old man. The little girl became pregnant and the crime was revealed when they showed up at the hospital to give birth. The woman is Desiree Castaneda, and she has been charged with enabling child sexual abuse. The man in question is Juan Miranda-Jara, who told police that he was the baby’s father. He has been in a relationship with the little girl since last October, he confessed to police when questioned. The horrifying thing is that the little girl’s mom thought this was totally OK.

In fact, she was completely supportive of the relationship, the investigators say. When she found out her little girl was pregnant, the mom threw a baby shower for the couple, and this is seen in photos that the police have obtained. It seems that more family members may have also been involved in the crime. Police didn’t discover the crime until the little girl showed up to give birth. Meanwhile, hospital staff notified the police to report a potential rape. A Tulsa police officer named Danny Bean told Fox 23 that the couple walked into the hospital excited to give birth, just like it was completely normal.

As it turns out, the man was even confused about why he was being arrested for first-degree rape, police say. The police said that they don’t get a lot of calls like this, so there is that to be thankful for, at least. The man pleaded not guilty to rape, but good luck proving that. Police wonder how it was possible that a girl in the fifth or sixth grade could be pregnant and no one knows about it. Hopefully, answers will come in time. The victim is reported to believe that as long as her family was supportive of the relationship, there was nothing wrong with it.


Here is a video about this troubling story.

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