Adopted Little Girl Tells Mom About Moment She First Met Her

There is nothing as pure and sweet as the unconditional love that a child has for their parents. There are moments that we, as parents, can feel our hearts bursting from our chest as our little ones, would say the sweetest, most unexpected things. Or maybe when they would come up to us after a hard day, wrap their little arms around our neck. They really don’t need to say anything at that moment as all our troubles become small in the face of that tiny person’s enormous wave of love washing over us. These types of memories are what we call “the good stuff” of life.

And one little girl is proving this to be true in a video that has quickly gone viral. Gabby and her younger sister Lily were adopted by a couple in the United States when they were just four and one-year-old, respectively. It turns out that Gabby still remembers their homecoming, and you can tell that it’s one of her most cherished memories. In a video recorded by her mom, Gabby recently recounted this memory as well as her heartwarming first impression of her mom. The adorable way she remembers the story is melting the hearts of thousands around the world!


In a precious video recorded by her mom, Gaby explains how meeting her new parents changed her life forever.

“Well when we was born, we became two little babies, and then Lily was still a baby, and I was 4 years old,” she says, making sure she doesn’t forget a single detail. “I got so big, and Lily was still a baby.”

She then goes on to explain how she and her sister were so incredibly excited to meet their new parents.

“We love you guys, and we want to be here for you and daddy,” Gabby continues. Touched, her mom assures her the feeling is mutual.


As if that wasn’t enough to start everyone’s waterworks, Gabby wasn’t even close to done! She leans in and whispers her next point as though she’s sharing a huge secret.


“Do you know what happened to my heart?” she asks.

Her mom asks her, “what happened to your heart?” Then the little girl replies:

“When I saw you… my heart fell in love with you!”


Of course, her mom is quick to reply, “My heart fell in love with you too!”

The love overflowing from this little girl’s eyes was just too much!

I tell you folks, after that, I was done! Absolutely done! I must have cried for a couple of minutes.

And thousands of folks who saw this adorable video had the same reaction. The online comments made that perfectly clear!


Moments like these remind us of why parenthood is worth every hard day we face because it’s so incredibly rewarding. Gabby’s mom and dad are very lucky to have such a loving daughter! The fact that she remembers her adoption day as well, is just icing on the cake.

Check out the heartwarming video below, but make sure you have some tissues close at hand. Also, please be sure to share this adorable story with your friends and family.

Source: Inspire More