Scientists Claim That More Babies Born Without Wisdom Teeth And With Extra Artery Shows ‘Micro-Evolution’

One of the issues that has been debated more hotly than perhaps any other issue is the debate over evolution. There are some people, including many scientists, who feel as if evolution is a fact but then again, many scientists also disagree, saying that it is just a matter of changes that are bound to take place.

Recently, researchers from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, reported that babies in recent years are being born with shorter faces and smaller jaws. That leaves room for fewer teeth, so there are fewer babies being born without wisdom teeth. This research was published in the Journal of Anatomy, and some scientists are claiming that there is a micro-evolution that is taking place.

One of the scientists involved in the study, Dr. Teghan Lucas said: “A lot of people are just being born without wisdom teeth.”

Those teeth, the wisdom teeth, are our third molars. They are found in the back of the mouth and in many cases, are surgically removed when they aren’t able to grow healthily in an adult. At times, they may also crowd out nearby molars and damage other teeth.

Lucas, who was speaking with fellow University of Adelaide professors Maciej Henneberg and Jaliya Kumaratilake said that there were some people being born with additional bones in their legs and arms. At times, there was a connection of two or more bones in the feet.

Something else that they claim is a matter of micro-evolution is the development of the median artery. This often forms while babies are in the womb. It supplies the blood to the hand and forearm but the artery is replaced by the radial and ulnar arteries as the child grows.

The study says that increasing numbers of babies are retaining the third artery and that this trend may continue in babies that are born decades from now. They feel that it will eventually become the most common artery in the human forearm, but they have no way of knowing for sure.

There are also many people who disagree with evolution. They claim that these small changes do indeed take place in humans, but there would be multiple changes occurring in different areas, making us all different. Essentially, humans are the same, despite these small changes that are bound to take place as we continue to grow as a human race.