Sia Stands In Front Of A Small Audience And Gives Them Goosebumps When She Sings “Breathe Me”

There is a lot that goes into becoming famous and sometimes, we don’t really think about everything that a performer needs to go through in order to get their five minutes in the spotlight. Sometimes, just being able to sing in front of an audience once or twice is going to satisfy the need of the performer but at other times, it is not even going to scratch the surface. That leads many people to wonder, why is it that some people were able to gain a considerable amount of fame and other people fall short of the mark? It is easy to see when you look at Sia, and what she has been able to accomplish.

When most of us think about Sia, we don’t necessarily think about her music first. In fact, we may think about some of her unusual antics or perhaps the fact that she used to have hair that would completely cover her face so that the audience would never see her. She has moved beyond that in recent years and now, she will stand in front of an audience and perform, but it was the unusual behavior that she had been that helped make her famous. Of course, she also sings beautifully and her voice is practically flawless. All of that, combined with a little something extra is what helped her to become famous.

As far as the little something else that helped her to gain steam, it really isn’t all that little. In order for somebody to become famous, they have to work very hard at it and it often takes a lot of effort on their part in order to achieve the fame that they desire.

Regardless of what she had to put into it, we are thankful that she is performing for us today. You can see just how talented she is when she is at the Bat Bar in Austin, Texas, singing in 2017 her song, “Breathe Me”. Enjoy it below.