The ‘Most Beautiful’ Twins Have Now Grown Up

They sometimes say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there are also times when many people agree on what beauty is. Such was the case when Ava Marie and Leah Rosein were born in 2010.

After their parents, Jaqi and Kevin Clements shared pictures, it wasn’t long before people were captivated with the beauty of those twins. From all around the world, people began saying that they were the most beautiful twins ever born.

As it turns out, there were born some 4 1/2 weeks early and they really had an impact on the life of the family. They had beautiful skin and hair, but it was their symmetrical faces that made them so attractive.

It wasn’t long before people were saying that the twins should be models. Their mother took the advice of those who were saying it and signed them with an agency in Los Angeles. She also had another child to take care of, so it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for her to look after their up-and-coming modeling career.

She also was concerned that they were too young to get into a modeling career. She decided that it would be better if they lived with their family and had a normal life but there was still something else that had yet to be seen.

As you can imagine, the stress of raising three children really put her in a position where she wasn’t thinking much about modeling. When she saw how the girls were doing any time they had the opportunity to model, however, she decided that it was the right thing to do.

She also listened to her children and what they had to say about their modeling careers. In order to do so, she had to wait until the girls were old enough to make that decision on their own. She decided to wait until they were seven years old.

When they turned seven, she asked them about their modeling career. They had also fallen in love with dancing in the meantime. As it turns out, the girls were overjoyed about the possibility, and their career was born.

Fortunately, a neighbor to the family had opened a children’s boutique and they were the models she needed to help get it on the market. It was an opportunity for the twins, but the mother still had concerns.

She was worried that wearing so much makeup and putting on pretty clothing would be hard on the girls and might even stunt their development. She tried to slow things down but it was very difficult to do so because the girls loved modeling so much.

Sometimes, things seemed to work well when they would sign up with an agent but at other times, the mother thought it was best if she took the reins. There were even times when they were signed up for two agencies at the same time!

That is when the mother decided that they would have their own Instagram account that was started in 2017. Thousands of people followed the account, which was meant to be a portfolio and to help them gain a fan base.

Jaqi had no idea what she was doing with modeling, as she had not been in the business before. She saw that there were both good times and bad times and it really boiled down to trusting somebody that would help you through the rough patches.

She also feels that it is important to follow your instincts and to work with somebody that will provide you with good guidance.

The girls were thrilled with the attention in the photoshoots but some people were saying that they looked sad all of the time. The mother responded by saying that they were far from sad when it came to their work.

The twins have done a lot of modeling but they are still little girls that love playing music and sometimes, they even pick on each other. They have done a lot in the modeling industry, and have even made some good friends in the meantime.

They still have a long way to go in their career and in their youth. It will be interesting to see where these girls go from here.

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