Vicious Killer Is Set To Pay The Ultimate Price As The Death Penalty Is Handed Down For The Woodlands Double Murder

It doesn’t matter who we are, we are all going to make mistakes in life. Some of those mistakes are easy to overcome but others are going to stick with us for a very long time. There may even be mistakes that we make that are life altering and we may never be the same again. Although we all make mistakes, there are also some people who go beyond mistakes and do something deliberate that is going to affect them and other people. That was the case for a man who killed his wife and four-year-old child. Now he is facing the death penalty for those murders.

It started when Teo Ghim and his wife were having financial difficulties back in 2017. He didn’t let her know the full extent of the issue and he was keeping his four-year-old daughter home from school because of some unpaid fees. When he was confronted by his wife, he decided the best thing to do would be to strangle her to death. Unfortunately, he also did the same thing to his four-year-old daughter. If that was where the story ended, it may be something that we hear on a regular basis but there is much more to the story.

Ghim committed the heinous crime and then he decided that he would live with his wife and his daughter in the flat with them for the next week. I couldn’t imagine having to live with that day by day, but it seems as if it was a choice that he was going to make. He then tried to get away with what he had done by burning their corpses.

Now that he is arrested, he is facing the death penalty for the crimes that he committed. He was charged with two counts of murder and will likely hang for those crimes. You can see more in the following video: