Woman Defies Odds To Become Famous Supermodel With Down Syndrome

For far too long, beauty has been defined using the most narrow of criteria. But the truth is that people are capable of being beautiful in many different ways.

The world loves to stereotype people

If someone looks a certain way, they must be like this, society often tells us. But that’s not the truth. Everyone is unique, and once you open your eyes and mind to see folks for who they really are, you’ll find that your life becomes so much richer.

There’s one young lady who is really proving the above statement. Growing up, she didn’t look very different from many of her peers. Because of this, they said she would never be able to accomplish certain things. But, she managed to prove all the naysayers wrong and is now taking the world by storm!

Source: Madeline Stuart/Facebook

Meet Madeline Stuart. She’s a model from Australia, who has Down Syndrome.

Stuart’s passion for modeling started in 2014. Her mom decided one day to take her to see a fashion show. As soon as Madeline saw the models walking down the runway, she became inspired. Seeing those women strut with such poise and confidence sparked something deep inside the girl.

Source: Madeline Stuart/Facebook

Stuart immediately turned to her mom and announced that she wanted to become a model.

But, even the girl’s mother, who always encouraged her daughter that she could do anything, was a bit apprehensive.

After all, she had heard how cut-throat the modeling industry was, so would someone with Downs Syndrome truly be able to make it?

But Stuart’s heart was set on her goal. She did everything she could to become the best model she could be. Part of this involved her losing over 44 pounds. But more importantly, Stuart also worked on building her self-confidence and her ability to walk in front of others with pride.

And after a lot of hard work, she’s had an incredible transformation.

Source: Madeline Stuart/Facebook

She never once bothered to listen to anyone who told her she couldn’t become a model. And you know what? She’s proved all her naysayers wrong!

Stuart first stepped onto a runway just one year after deciding to pursue her modeling dream.

Source: Madeline Stuart/Facebook

It went well enough, but Stuart knew that she could improve for next time. But the most important thing was that she was eager for there to be a next time.

So after that, she got another booking, then another, and another. Pretty soon, she found that her schedule was full! Right now, she’s able to fit in about 18 shows every single season!

Source: Madeline Stuart/Facebook

Many people and publications have come out to praise Stuart for her dedication and hard work in helping make the modeling world more diverse. As a matter of fact, Forbes Magazine even named her the number one person progressing diversity in the fashion industry in 2017.

However, Stuart has found that she has to keep her medical condition in check.

Source: Madeline Stuart/Facebook

For instance, in 2018, she had to cancel a few shows due to a stay in the hospital. But every time a new challenge arises, she bounces right back into action!

But even as Stuart is now a bonafide supermodel, she believes in setting higher targets for herself.

Source: Madeline Stuart/Facebook

For example, her current goal is to become the very first Victoria’s Secret Angel, who has Down Syndrome. So far, Stuart’s proven that she has a knack for achieving her dreams, so this goal is definitely within her reach!

Madeline Stuart’s story serves as a testament to what anyone could do if they are willing to work hard, sacrifice, and keep pushing forward no matter what roadblocks they face.

Source: Madeline Stuart/Facebook

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