Woman Pregnant With Twins Is Harassed And Stalked By Her Ex Boyfriend’s New GF

One of the happiest moments for many people is when they find out that they are pregnant. At times, it may be something that they were planning for a very long time but at other times, it may come as a surprise. That is what happened with a woman who found out that she was pregnant, but then her boyfriend went back to his ex-girlfriend. It was a story that happens all too frequently, but it took a twist that made her nervous, to say the least. She went on Reddit to tell her story and it was so bad that people are telling her to get a lawyer.

You see, Throwaway-twinmama was looking for advice. She was pregnant with twins and her ex-boyfriend, Joe, had gone back with his ex-girlfriend, Kim. As it turns out, Kim was having fertility problems and she and Joe had been trying to get pregnant for quite some time. Rather than just leaving things as they were, she felt as if she should be involved in the pregnancy because eventually, she would be the child stepmother. She even started treating this woman like a surrogate, throwing a reveal party and showing up at her work to threaten her when things turned south.

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