Is This Stairway Going Up or Down? The Internet Is Baffled

Have you ever noticed that people love optical illusions? Why is that? You would think that people don’t like being tricked, but most of us seem to love being puzzled by optical illusions. An optical illusion occurs when something we see disagrees with physical reality. When we realize that what we thought we saw wasn’t real, it astonishes us, and that excites our brains. Most of us just walk around every day not paying really close attention to our surroundings, believe it or not, especially if things don’t change every day. For example, have you ever made it to work and realized that you don’t remember every step of driving there?

The human brain loves learning new things and when something is unusual, it alerts us. The photo below shows a stairway.  However, people only can’t agree if the stairway is going up or down. What do you think?

What do you think? Is the staircase going up or down? Head over to the next page to get the answer.

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