The Ultimate Math Challenge: What Is the Missing Number?

When I was going to high school, I didn’t love math. I didn’t exactly hate math, but you could say I didn’t exactly look forward to Algebra class every day, either. I believe there are three types of people: those who loathe math, those who dread math (me), and those who excel at math and genuinely enjoy it. I confess, I’ve never quite understood the third type, although I have a lot of respect for anyone who is up for the challenge offered by advanced math courses. It seems to be a matter of focus. People who enjoy math more are typically better able to concentrate and focus. Also, math requires a lot of memorization.

These days, I enjoy simple math problems. For example, the problem below is very visual and I had a lot of fun working it out. Can you figure out what the missing number is? If you need help, we’ve got you. We’ll put the solution on the next page. Good luck!

How did you do? If you need the solution, or to see if you got it right, go to the next page.

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