There Is a Tiny Number Hidden in This Drawing. How Fast Can You Spot It?

When I was a kid growing up, I went to elementary school in New Orleans, Louisiana. Like most schools, my elementary school had a library. One thing our library did was subscribe to various publications for children, and my favorite magazine was Highlights for Children. Highlights for Children was created by a husband and wife team who had previously worked for a children’s magazine. They quit their old job and started their own magazine, with the mission “Fun with a Purpose.” Their magazine is still in publication after it was started in 1946 by Garry and Caroline Myers.

Every issue of the magazine has tons of short stories, poems, fun facts, and best of all, puzzles. One of my favorite puzzles from Highlights is the one that has objects hidden in an image. In the image below, there is a tiny number hidden. Can you find it?

How did you do? Still struggling. Here’s a clue. Look in the upper left quarter of the image. If you still need help, head to the next page for the solution.

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