Which of These Four Glasses Has More Water?

Do you like solving puzzles and problems? It’s something that my wife and I enjoy doing together. Interestingly, we like different types of puzzles. For example, I enjoy visual puzzles and my wife enjoys word-based puzzles like Words with Friends and crossword puzzles. Her other favorite puzzle type is logic problems, and she has gotten me into them in the last several months. I find it challenging to try to figure out a complicated logic problem. However, the simple ones that also combine a visual element are ideal and the most fun to me. It takes a talented person to put a complicated concept into a simple visual.

In the image below, you will see four glasses of water. Each of the glasses has an item in it. Your task is to figure out which glass holds the most water. Do your best and we will share the solution on the next page.

How did you do? Head over to the next page for the answer.

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