You Are Sure To Struggle With This Easy Middle-School Math Problem

There are two types of people in this world, those that enjoy math and those that don’t. Of course, we all had to take it when we were in school and perhaps we even did well in the class. That doesn’t actually mean that you loved math and in many cases, people did well so they could pass the class and move on to the next. They might even use math on a daily basis with their job or in their home life. It tests our skills at times and there is a benefit of testing our skills. It keeps us sharp.

Although all of that may be true, there are times when our math skills are going to be put to the test in a different way. It causes us to look back at our earlier life and see what we can remember about the things we learned in school. As far as math goes, we probably remember the basics but do you remember some of the rules that made math interesting? You are about to find out with the following math quiz. It is a single test and it may seem easy but most people get it wrong.

Try this “simple” math problem and see if you get the answer. The correct answer is on the following page.

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