You Can Only Match Up These Images if You Have Super Keen Eyes

Do you take your eyesight for granted? Most of us do. It’s human nature. Eyesight is a complex mechanism, but if you’ve never lived without it, it’s hard to understand just how big a role it plays in our lives. For example, most of the time, we’re not even aware of all of the tiny details our eyes pay attention to. If you see a shadow that looks off, it’s not you noticing that it’s different, usually. Your eyes are just detecting that something is not right about the shadow. this is called visual-spatial thinking. This is the ability to perceive visual information that’s in the environment and to represent it internally.

Furthermore, with visual-spatial thinking, we can integrate what we see with other experiences and senses. People who have a highly developed visual-spatial percepti9on tend to pay closer attention to the world around them. These individuals notice and appreciate many of the finer details of life. For example, they may notice the types of trees in their neighborhood, whereas most of us just see trees. They’re also able to more easily maneuver into tight parking spaces than the rest of us. In the two images below, can you match up the images with what they’re supposed to go with?

Which keyhole does this key fit into? How good is your visual-spatial thinking?

In the image below, can you match Santa with his shadow? If so, you have high visual-spatial intelligence.

How did you do? If you need help, head over to the next page for the solutions.

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