Stained Clothes Might Just Mean You Have A High Level Of Intelligence

There is a problem that many people face and it is something that they don’t give much thought to, other than the fact that they may need to plan in advance for it. If you are somebody that rarely ever wears a white top when you go out to eat or if you drink water rather than a beverage with color because you don’t want to stain your clothing, you are not alone. What might surprise you is this may actually be a sign of intelligence that is scientifically backed.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what kind of connection could be between intelligence and stains on your clothes. You may either be thinking it because you tend to have stained clothing or because you know somebody that falls into that category. As you read down through the answer below, you might just find that your stained clothing gives you bragging rights.

Many of us feel like a little kid when we have to change our clothes after we get a splash of soda on them or a catchup drop hits us mid-chest. It doesn’t matter how careful we tried to be, we fall short of the mark.

Even wedding dresses may sometimes fall victim to the occasional stain!

When you consider the fact that even the most important outfit that we will ever wear in our life may fall victim to a stain, then there is one thing we know for sure. It is going to be impossible to stay away from those stains at any time in life.

So what is the scientific explanation behind intelligence and stains?

Even if you think you might be clumsy sometimes, science shows that it may just be a symptom of intelligence. It explains why you may have stains on your clothing and it is a very positive thing.

When you are intelligent, you tend to use your brain differently. As an example, raising a glass to your mouth is done with your brain in calculation mode. You are constantly calculating the weight of the glass, how you should hold it, how fast you should move it to your mouth and what you should do to keep from spilling it on yourself. If you have exceptional intelligence, you may be thinking about other things rather than how the glass will touch your lips and that is why it tends to spill more frequently.

The author of the study, Steve Johnson, explains it this way: “The more unorganized your brain is, the more intelligent you are.” Just think of it this way, you are not being clumsy, your brain is just prioritizing more important things than how to handle your next drink.

Getting stains on yourself may be annoying because it makes you look a little off and you have to do some extra laundry. Then again, the fact that you may be more intelligent and it shows it could just cause you to smile the next time you get a big blob of catchup on your shirt.